Sandra (Sandy) Norris, a resident of Forest Hill in Harford County, is a watercolor, oil, and pen & ink artist at Arts By the Bay Gallery in Havre de Grace.  Sandy is self-taught and works out of an extra bedroom in her condo that she uses as a studio, although she wishes it had better lighting! She’s won several awards for her art including first place prize in the 2006 and 2017 Harford Art Association Art Show. Sandy says one quirk about her art practice is that all her chores have to be completed around the house before she sits down in her studio or she can’t concentrate! Her personal philosophy for art is that she loves trying new methods, media, subject matter, and colors to keep her practice fresh. She never wants to paint the same scene twice. This year a goal she set for herself is to learn more about sketching with pen & ink as well as watercolor.

Sandy is divorced and has one grown son and 2 grandkids. Sandy is semi-retired but is keeping busy working part time, which allows her a bit of extra time to focus on art.  In her free time Sandy is an avid reader and she loves to garden and sew. 


 For fun Sandy answered the following “Quick Round” questions:

1.  Coffee or Tea?  Coffee!

2.  Cats or Dogs?  Dogs

3.  Beach or Mountains? Mountains

4.  Music or Movies? Movies

5.  Favorite Song- And So It Goes (Billy Joel) and Can’t Stop (Mozella)

6.  Favorite food- A REALLY good burger!

7.  Favorite childhood memory- Summer visits to a relative’s farm in Western Maryland

8.  Favorite artist (historical or modern day)- Monet

9.  Favorite place to vacation or visit- Any museum