Mildred Dorsey, a full-time, self-taught abstract artist who resides in Havre de Grace, Maryland, creates from a studio in her Harford County home.  Mildred often gets up in the very early morning hours to paint in her studio and then returns back to bed.  Mildred’s work has caught the attention of the Maryland art scene and has been featured in articles in local publications and The Baltimore Sun newspaper.  One of Mildred’s goals for 2018 is to have her work become more recognized.  She believes an artist should create what she feels regardless of the opinion of others.

 Mildred has a degree in Business/Administration and is married with a daughter and grandchildren. When she is not creating beautiful abstract art, she enjoys reading the Bible and other great books, watching movies, decorating her home, and listening to orchestral music.


Check out Mildred’s answers to our Quick Round Questions:

Coffee or tea?  Coffee

Cats or dogs?  Dogs

Beach or mountains?  Beach

Music or movies?  Both

Country or city?  Both

Favorite movie- The Color Purple

Favorite song- America the Beautiful performed by Ray Charles

Favorite food- BBQ - Spare Ribs

Favorite childhood memory-  School & Graduations, participation in singing group, playing dodge ball

Favorite artist- Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Willem van Gogh

Favorite place to vacation or visit- Cape May, New Jersey


 More of Mildred’s art can be found on her website,, and she can be reached via email at [email protected].