Lawrence Priebe is a versatile artist who works in graphite, acrylic, and watercolor out of his home studio in Jarrettsville, Maryland that he shares with his wife, Regina Priebe.  Their spacious studio is mostly surrounded in natural light overlooking  the serene setting of their patio, a flower garden, and mature trees.  In their studio is a large oak table that Larry made, an array of various media to compose from, and a go-to library of art books from which they can both create.  He enjoys listening to Celtic music while creating art.  Larry is self-taught but pursues instruction from nationally recognized artists across the country.  This year he would like to do some acrylic and watercolor art of buildings and landscapes as well as pursue some plein air painting opportunities.  Lawrence has sold his art pieces nationally.

Lawrence believes art should utilize tone and value to best present the object or scene without making the art a detailed rendition.  He states that art is a way to not only be creative but is also an opportunity to ease one’s mind and to lose one’s self in the creativity effort.

Lawrence is married with three sons and four grandchildren, all who live close by in the Baltimore area. He is happy to be living next door to his youngest son's family with their two grandchildren, who frequently pop over for a visit.  Since Larry is retired from his career, he pursues art during much of his free time.  However, he also enjoys playing the hammered dulcimer and takes instruction from world renowned musician Ken Kolodner.  He also enjoys woodworking- creating desktop clocks and cabinet pieces. ­ Larry is also proud to lead teams from his church on short term missions and disaster recovery/rebuilding trips.  


Check out Larry’s answers to our “Quick Round” Questions:

1.  Coffee or Tea?  Coffee in the morning but tea in the evening for relaxation

2.  Cats or Dogs?  Cats

3.  Beach or Mountains?  Mountains

4.  Music or Movies?  Music- especially live venues

5.  Country or City?  Country

6.  Favorite Movie- Braveheart

7.  Favorite Song- Carol of the Bells

8.  Favorite Food- Spaghetti

9.  Favorite Childhood Memory- Traveling to Niagara Falls

10.  Favorite Artist- Andrew Wyeth

11.  Favorite Place to Vacation or Visit- Oregon and the western coast


Larry takes inquiries and commissions at his email address- [email protected].